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Window Cleaning

On a nightly basis, all entryway doors and windows in each facility we service are cleaned and polished, leaving them clean and streak free.

Our D&D CleanIt Janitorial Services staff is trained on how to professionally clean and shine windows and glass doors to make a beautiful glow. This may seem like an easy task, but anyone who has done windows before knows that it isn’t easy to leave a window or mirror streak free. We have the professional know how and the right equipment to get your windows and doors clean and streak free every time!

This is very important because the front door to your facility and your windows have to make a good, clean first impression to employees and visitors alike. It is a reflection on what is inside.

We also have the staff to professionally clean all exterior windows on an as-needed basis. No job is too big or too small.

At D&D CleanIt Janitorial Services your exterior glass doors and windows will be clean, shining, and streak free. We do windows, and we do them right!

With the expert commercial cleaning practices of D&D CleanIt Janitorial Services, your facility’s restrooms will be clean and sanitary for your employees and guests. We will ensure that each surface is cleaned and sanitized with each visit.

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